I would like to thank all of Light House Cinemas customers and friends for your most valued support during the last 12 months. It has been a year of transition and change for the company, though it has not being my first full calendar year in the role of a manager  as well as seeing us expand the team with the arrival of a new accountant  to head up kitchen Services and new supervisor at the box office , it has been a year of change, we have also continued our commitment to supporting our customers through continuous innovation and development.



 To my staffs!

Thank you all for your patience and help while the company reconstructing and renovation was in process. Input from every single one of you was valuable for the well being of our company. You were disciplined and you were still determined to work in all the fuss and noise. I am really happy to have you as a part of the team.

Now that things have became smooth, I would believe that all of you would show the same patience. Such dedication is needed for the well-being of the company. Your willingness to take every challenge is admirable to me. Please continue with what you are doing and reach for better everyday.


The average family budget is almost N100000, showing a steady rise in consumer spending year after year. Early shoppers that start after Thanksgiving tend to spend more than the average family. Majority of the money spent is aimed towards the purchase of gifts or holiday decorations.


We still expect the same number of patronage to our movies both in Warri and Lagos.


Thank you

Akanah Iyang.

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